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February 2013

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Joshua Tree National Park





JoshuaTreeFunH&M Fatigue Jacket: Here| H&M T-Shirt: Similar|Hollister Jeans: Here| Joie Mocassins: Here

Visiting new places, trying new things, and taking my boyfriend with me is pretty much what I consider a perfect weekend. Throw fashion into the mix and I might explode from happiness.

We went on a little adventure to Joshua Tree and although we didn’t plan on climbing over giant boulders….we couldn’t help ourselves. Adventure is in our blood. I hope to keep traveling and exploring, even if it’s just on a local level while we save up for bigger things. I want to see it all 🙂

Have you visited Joshua Tree? Do the outdoors interest you? What about travel….where would you go first if you could go anywhere in the world?




Joshua Tree!

Joshua TreeI had a lovely weekend adventure 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll share more photos and details of my outfit, I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

There’s also something else you should know…. you are all very important to me! And if there is any type of outfit you’d like to see recreated or if you need ideas for an event just leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to help!




Business & Champagne



I’m definitely not my happiest in “serious” clothes…Lol. But I understand the occasional necessity of looking business chic. So…to wrap up this week of adult attire, I wanted to share my champagne dress with you. It was a $20 clearance purchase (Such an amazing find). I love a lot of the items on their site but they can be pricey.

On a quick side note, I have to say that the pieces you’ve seen this week can take on a whole new look when styled differently. And that’s it! Interview week handled!

Do you like to dress up in business clothes? Is it just me that dislikes it so much?



P.S. My purse is from a new vintage store that just popped up in my town! I’m hoping to do a post/video diary there soon to show you guys around!


The Best Baroque Pants

BaroquePrint BaroquePattern SimpleFlats BaroqueStyleForever 21 Gold Flats: Similar| Forever 21 Satin Trim Blazer: Similar| Joie Top | Kohl’s Gold Baroque Pants 

Why are these the best baroque pants? Because, as I might have mentioned before….they were only $10 at Kohl’s! Since I dubbed February love month, I thought this week should be about doing what you love. In just a few months a lot of you will graduate from high school or college and there’ll be one thing standing between you and that dream opportunity, an interview.

Maybe it’s for an entry level job in the field you’re passionate about or an amazing summer internship. Either way, I wanted to help by sharing a few interview outfit ideas this week. First up, is a business look with a lot of personality. I think this outfit is great if you want to look sharp but also show that you are bold and different.

Do you have any interviews coming up? Do you love your current job?