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December 2013


#OOTD: Bright Weekend Sweater

jeanShorts MidiRing

sweaterThis weekend was perfect. The sun came out and I had Christmas money to spend! Did you go out to use your gift cards ? I was surprised to see the amazing sale Nordstrom Rack was having, did you happen to check it out?




After Christmas Sale

After Christmas Sale


Bra| Lace-Up Boots| Denim Top| Black Boots| Amor Sweatshirt| Satchel| Pajama Set| Tassle Clutch| Boys Top

OMG… a sale that’s actually a sale! Lol. Don’t you hate it when businesses say they have great deals and then you go in to shop and realize how expensive everything still is?

I stopped by H&M’s site and could barely believe how affordable things were. And it’s cute stuff! They didn’t just slap a sale sticker on the ugly things nobody wants.

Be sure to stop by ASAP because everything seems to be selling really quickly! And let me know which sale item above is your favorite!



Fashion Videos

Christmas Outfit


The holidays are upon us! I wanted wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! This is just a fun little video featuring my one and only Christmas sweater 🙂

More videos to come in 2014!