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November 2015

Beauty Reviews

Proactiv Review First Impressions

“This post was sponsored by Proactiv as part of a Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review”


Consistently clear skin is one of the my biggest personal beauty struggles.

Growing up I had so much trouble keeping my skin clear for even just a week! It was stressful and frustrating. I never had severe acne but it was almost impossible for me to maintain a blemish free complexion for any significant amount of time. Continue Reading


The Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Makeup Lovers!


1. TARTE Shine Bright Statement Lash Essentials $20| 2. SOAP & GLORY Hand Food$4| 3. MAYBELLINE The Blushed Nudes Palette $10| 4. NYX Wicked Lippie $6| 5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Set $12

Ready or not, it’s time to start Christmas shopping!

Stocking stuffers tend to be a last-minute thought because we’re so focused on finding the right gift that by the time we get to the stockings, we have no decision power or money left! Continue Reading

Beauty Quote of the Day

3 Reasons Why This Should Be Your New Beauty Motto

Audrey Hepburn

I adore these words. They speak to my soul and remind me that beauty comes from the heart. Here are three reasons why you should make this quote your new beauty motto.

1. When you look back on your life, you won’t remember all the times you had the perfect winged eyeliner. Instead, you’ll recall the nights you spent in good company, the food that nourished more than your body, and the deep laughs that made your cheeks hurt.

2. In the words of the poet Warsan Shire, “It is not my responsibility to be beautiful. I’m not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me.”  Life is about more than chasing narrow societal standards of beauty. Instead, chase the things that fill you with joy.

3. External beauty will fade. But taut skin and subtle lips are only requirements for contentment if you define them as such. A blissful soul does not fade.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you didn’t, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I love trying different posts and checking in with you guys to see if you’re digging it.

Tty soon!


Beauty Reviews

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant REVIEW



I love when Dove comes out with a new product! I already use their bath soap, their invisible solid deodorant/antiperspirant, and my locks respond really well to their shampoos and conditioners.

So when Dove’s team asked me if I would like to try their new Dry Spray Antiperspirant, I was totally on board. I knew I didn’t have to worry about skin irritation issues or scents that were over-powering.

And of course, I was not disappointed! The dry spray will keep you dry for a loooong time and it smells great.

When I leave the house in the morning I’m usually gone for a minimum of 10 hours. And the last thing I want to worry about is …..smelling. Lol. Or having embarrassing sweaty pits!

In middle school, I actually use to be really insecure about this (the random things we worry about as kids huh?!). I even asked my mom to buy me those more expensive “prescription grade” deodorants. Honestly, I don’t remember them solving the problem as much as I remember them stinging my sensitive skin and smelling kinda blah.

I wish I could go back in time and give my 12 year old self a bottle of dry spray but since I can’t, I’m going to recommend it to you! If you want extra wetness protection, a fresh scent, and a cleaner deodorant application process… Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant it for you!


Marriage, Harry Potter, and Apartment #10

fun tulle skirt

Hey there stranger! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a “life update” post. Almost every blogging guru advises against it because they say people only care about your daily life if you’re Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, or a super adorable kitten. But, I’m in a rule breaking mood and I’ve really started to love the “Life Chats” series on A Love Affair With Fashion.

It’s nice to connect with a people on a REAL level. It makes you feel more in tune with the universe when you realize that no one else has all the answers and we’re all just trying to figure sh*t out one day at a time!

On that note, I hope you enjoy this little status update. And I would love to hear about what’s been going on in your life so please don’t hesitate to share your stories with me in the comment section.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest Niki happenings:

I got married! I tied the knot with my best friend and soul mate on October 17th.

We spent a large portion of 2015 working nights and weekends to help us pay for our wedding, a new apartment, and everything else we needed along the way. It was challenging and exhausting but it feels amazing to have accomplished what we set out to do!

Even with all the work we put it in, there was no way for us to afford a honeymoon. BUT, my amazing godparents surprised us with the most amazing gift, a honeymoon Bahama cruise! They are too generous for words and I hope to buy them a dinosaur one day to thank them (no other gift seems sufficient).
We also spent 2 nights in Orlando Florida so that we could visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We loooooove Harry Potter and it was pretty hard to accept that we couldn’t just stay and live in the Hogwarts castle.

With life swirling around me it was hard to keep up with Love, Niki and the content I wanted to create. I get kinda down when I think about it but since pity parties are metaphorical and don’t involve actual cake, I’ve decided not to focus on the negative and work on making 2016 the most phenomenal blog year to date. Better content, more videos, and I’d really like to connect with more of my fellow bloggers (I talk to so few of them right now).

And there you have it, a nice little round-up of my life lately. Maybe not as exciting as Kim K’s lunch choice but what is?! Lol.

Your turn! Tell me about your biggest accomplishment, challenge, or change for 2015! Seriously… leave a comment. I need an excuse to avoid “real work”.

TTY Soon,