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How to Keep Your Home Clean: Simple Schedule


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Will and I are both in agreement that in an ideal world, we live in a self cleaning mansion (We are also wizards in this fantasy world, just fyi). Unfortunately, we’ve been cursed to live as muggles and there’s no way to avoid manual labor.

We’re not lazy, messy people, most of the time #SundaysDontCount, but as newlyweds it does take awhile to figure out a routine that works for you. It also depends on other factors like: the size of your house, the level of cleaning it requires (all white Pinterest living room? bad idea), and of course, you also want to keep in mind how the other household responsibilities are divided.

The cleaning schedule (above) is such a great starting point! Once I stumbled across it on Pinterest, I knew I had to share it here. 

I suggest following this schedule for 2 weeks and noting any necessary revisions.  Also, try not to stress if it all feels overwhelming at first because it is! Keeping a home clean is a big adjustment. Even in a small apartment like ours, we could easily spend ours making it sparkle but it gets easier. 

Good luck wifeys!


Reverse Your Hair Washing Routine!

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TRESemme-reverse-wash-system-reviewTRESemmé is revolutionizing the hair-washing process with their newest set of products in the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection.

This new collection is all about giving you soft, voluminous hair by reversing the washing process.

As a curious blogger with flat hair issues, I was totally game to give it a try! I love the look of big, full hair but for me, that normally involves twenty minutes with a teasing brush.

Here’s how to make the magic happen.  Continue Reading

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Newlywed Advice: 4 Tips for Post Wedding Bliss

life-as-a-newlywed-coupleToday is our 5 month wedding anniversary!

I thought it’d would be fitting to share some of the things we’ve learned so far. To help add some insight from the male perspective, I asked Will to contribute 2 of today’s 4 pieces of newlywed knowledge.

1. Communicate A LOT (Will)

As a newlywed couple, you both have just experienced a multitude of life altering changes. If you’re anything like us, you may find yourself in a new home, in a new city, with a new career.

It’s important to communicate often and honestly, especially while you’re in this period of transition.

Whether you’re feeling lonely in your new hometown or confused about who will cook dinner, be sure to let your spouse know how you’re feeling.

2. Allow Gender Roles to be Fluid (Niki)

Will and I both work full-time which means we have minimal free time during the week.

Instead of attempting to stick to rigid and outdated ideas of “wife duties” or “husband jobs”, we take a very modern approach to our household roles.

Dinner is cooked by whoever has the time to do it and the trash is carried out by whoever decides to throw it out.

I would advise all newlywed couples not to force themselves into preconceived notions of what a husband or wife should be.

3. Don’t Forget About Date Night (Niki)

Adulting is sooooo hard. Especially now that you have a new set of household bills and an apartment to keep clean.

But even with everything else you now have going on, your relationship should still be a priority.

Trust me, I know that by the time the weekend rolls around all you want to do is sleep in and wear sweatpants but it’s important to make some time for romance!

4. Don’t Take Anything For Granted (Will)

By this age, most of us have lost someone near and dear to us. It’s a painful reminder of how short life is.

When you’re just starting out as a married couple, it’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla of everything on your to-do list. But don’t forget to appreciate every moment of your journey.

In the madness of post wedding life, be thankful for every morning that you get to wake up next to each other.

Also, make sure to make time for family. They helped you both get this far!



Confessions of a Budget Shopper: My Fear of Spending and How it Ruined My Wardrobe!


I grew up on thrift store finds and yard sale deals. 

I loved going out with my family on weekends to see just how much I could get for the crinkly couple of dollars I had in my coin purse. 

My parents always made sure we had everything we needed and then some. But when it came to clothing, the budget was always tight. New outfits were a special treat typically reserved for the beginning of a new school year. 

It was in these formidable years that I learned a lot of important life lessons. I gained a deep appreciation for every hard earned dollar that ever made its way into our household and I experienced pure happiness….the kind of joy that is not and can not be built on a mountain of frivolous purchases. Continue Reading