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May 2016


Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Must Haves!


Alice Through the Looking Glass is officially out in theaters! And although Rotten Tomatoes currently has it rated at 29% (64% from the audience) there’s seems to be no debate on how visually stunning it is.

I’m hoping to catch a show this weekend so I can let you know if it’s worth the price of your ticket. But in the meantime, there’s some really cute merchandise you’re definitely going to want to check out!


Call It Spring, the more affordable and trendy branch of Aldo, has adorable shoes and handbags available. All items fall into two categories: Alice or The Red Queen.  You can even take their quiz (here) to find out which character aligns more with your personal style


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Weekend Travel: Beautiful Monterey County

seaweed-beach-tripIf you’re ready to plan your next trip, you should be looking into Monterey County! Well, only consider it if you’re into beautiful scenery, delicious food, and heaven on Earth. I’m so dramatic…. But seriously, it’s pretty amazing.

Will and I took a drive up the coast to Big Sur a few years ago and it’s one of my happiest memories. We even vlogged it just for fun! Check it out: Continue Reading