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September 2016


I dyed My Hair Lavender and This Is What happened!

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I’ve been unbelievably indecisive with my hair lately. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my inner restlessness.

I’ve been having quite the inner monologue when it comes this blog. It’s been my main hobby for over 4 years but I feel the need for a change. I just don’t know in what way yet. It might be this lack of clarity that led me down an interesting road with my hair. Let me give you the back story….  Continue Reading

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The Charcoal Beauty Trend: 3 Products to Try Now!


After trying a sample of charcoal infused beauty scrub that I had received in the mail, I became obsessed and determined to get my hands on more charcoal skincare products!

I picked up all of these goodies featured today from Ulta Beauty. I love that they have so much more than just makeup. I was even able to pick up cotton swaps for my makeup remover.

Alright time for the breakdown! Continue Reading


5 Fun Date Night Questions – Perfect for When You’re Staying In!


August was National Romance Month and ProFlowers sent us this beautiful lavender rose bouquet to help inspire a date night. The purple hues brightened up our whole living room and sparked the idea for this post!

After a long work week, it feels good to spend some time at home. I totally get that but just because you’re staying in, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun date night. Spruce up the coffee table with fresh blooms, grab a couple of ciders (we’re cider fans!), and have fun asking each other these 5 questions.

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Easy Last-Minute Goddess Makeup for Halloween


I don’t think I’ve fully confessed to you just how much I love costumes, Halloween, and all things fantasy but it’s definitely something you should know about me!

I know life gets pretty hectic for all of us but I don’t want that to miss out on the fun of Halloween just because your short on time. So today I’m sharing a quick Goddess look that you can make happen in about 10 minutes!

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Test the Trend: Lingerie Dressing in Real Life!


What’s this? A new series? Yep!

Do you live and die by trends?! No? Me either, Lol. But I do love getting a seasonal dose of style inspiration. When you think of trends as fresh inspo instead of mandatory rules they become a lot more fun.

In this new series, I’m going to test out the style trends and show you what they look like in real life. I’ll do my best to make the trend work but let’s be honest, some trends are a total bust and that’s kind of why it’ll be so much fun to test them out! Continue Reading