About the Blog:

Love, Niki is a lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing my life as a wife and twenty-something living in Los Angeles. I blog about what I love and my everyday life. Here are a few of the topics you’re likely to see covered:

  • Married Life: decorating our home, date night, family
  • Outfits & Beauty: my favorite outfits and beauty products
  • Exploring LA (and beyond): fun events, local attractions, travel
  • Food + Drink: tasty recipes, refreshing drinks, restaurants
  • Geeky Fun: I’ve got a geeky side! I love Renaissance faires, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones & more!

Connect with Me

Facebook: Facebook.com/NikiCamacho

Youtube: LoveNikiTV

Twitter: Niki_Camacho

Instagram: Niki_Camacho


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