Are you too old for pigtails?

AreYouTooOldForPigtailsToday we’re tackling an age-related beauty question. Do hairstyles have an age limit, specifically pigtails?  Now remember, this is only my take on it. If you disagree, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

When it comes to pigtails I believe there is a clear age cut-off if you’re concerned with presenting yourself in a certain light. Think about it, do you ever envision a polished & professional business woman wearing her hair in a pair of cute little ponytails? Would you trust her with your taxes, loan papers, or even your child? Why not?

Pigtails are too far over on the relaxed, young, and care-free side of hairstyles to be taken seriously. Even if you aren’t working a typical 9-5 in the corporate world, I would avoid this look if you’re trying to present yourself in a professional manner.

But, all pigtails are not created equal. And there’s a time and place for everything.

A casual date night, a family barbecue, or even a trip to the grocery store are great examples of times you can don pigtails. But make sure they are “age appropriate” pigtails. They shouldn’t stick out of the sides of your head or make you feel like Shirley Temple. They should appear neat, polished, or intentionally messy chic (see examples below).

I hope this was helpful! Let me know what topic/question you’d like to see covered next!

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