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Black and White Outfit: A-Line Skirt

A bold outfit in a classic color palette. This is an unexpected style choice for me.

But where could you wear these puffy sleeves and long skirt? Does it work for REAL life?

I probably wouldn’t go grab a coffee or hit the supermarket in this ensemble but it’s a great outfit to have for special occasions. Especially those special occasions you totally forget about until the last minute and need an outfit for ASAP.

Here are a few ideas for where this look would work: graduation ceremony, holiday work party, bridal shower, wedding, rehearsal dinner, and a formal birthday dinner.

Also, if your short and curvier, like me, heels are a game changer! Without them, this outfit can make you look stumpy and frumpy. It’s a lot of fabric to have on a petite person so definitely think carefully about your footwear choices!

Quick shopping note! Both the skirt and top are from Express, but I purchased the skirt last year and the top I picked up recently. The shoes are from Make Me Chic and are pretty comfy for stilettos.

Let me know what you think of this look and whether you want to see more dressy or casual outfit ideas as we head into the holiday season!


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