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REVIEW: NYX Dew Me Up Serum & Primer

We’ve all seen products with “actual gold flakes” in them and I’ll be honest, my initial response is awe and wonder. My second response is, does it even work?! Does gold belong in beauty products?!

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts and impression of the NYX  serum & primer Honey Dew Me Up (with gold flecks)!  Continue Reading

Dressy Outfits Style

Black and White Outfit: A-Line Skirt

A bold outfit in a classic color palette. This is an unexpected style choice for me.

But where could you wear these puffy sleeves and long skirt? Does it work for REAL life?

I probably wouldn’t go grab a coffee or hit the supermarket in this ensemble but it’s a great outfit to have for special occasions. Especially those special occasions you totally forget about until the last minute and need an outfit for ASAP.

Here are a few ideas for where this look would work: graduation ceremony, holiday work party, bridal shower, wedding, rehearsal dinner, and a formal birthday dinner. Continue Reading

Casual Outfits Explore LA Style Weekend Fun

What to Wear: L.A. County Fair

The LA County Fair provided me with compensation for my time. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are mine. 

Summer may be coming to an end but that has not stopped the sun from coming out in full force! Typical L.A.!

Since it’s been so hot,  I wanted to share a few fashion tips for beating the heat and maximizing comfort when you visit the L.A. County Fair.  I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun just because Mr.Sun is blazing!

Also, I took these outfit shots right outside the Wonderland exhibit. You’re definitely going to walk through it!

Continue Reading

Casual Outfits Style

How to Keep Your Casual Outfit from Looking Sloppy

As much as I love to get glammed up for special occasions, most of my days are spent in casual, relaxed clothes. And I love it! There’s something about a casual outfit and comfy shoes that make me feel so much more adventurous. Probably because I can move around more freely (heels are not adventure shoes)!

So what’s not to like about the casual fashion? Well, for starters, it can be a slippery slope that takes your style from laid back to sloppy. But don’t worry, as the queen of casual, I have made all the mistakes there are to make and I have a few tips to help you enjoy the best of both worlds, comfy and chic! Continue Reading

Casual Outfits Style

Wear Your Swimsuit Like a Bodysuit!

Do you have a swimsuit that you love? Why not wear it as a body suit?!

Having to fully disrobe to pee kind of sucks but other than that you’ll be getting way more mileage out of that cute swimsuit of yours!

Truth be told, I only started wearing this swimsuit like a bodysuit because the fabric is so sheer a.k.a. see through! With a nude bra under it, it’s not a big deal, but if I were to swim in it, you would see EVERYTHING. Continue Reading