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Black and White Outfit: A-Line Skirt

A bold outfit in a classic color palette. This is an unexpected style choice for me.

But where could you wear these puffy sleeves and long skirt? Does it work for REAL life?

I probably wouldn’t go grab a coffee or hit the supermarket in this ensemble but it’s a great outfit to have for special occasions. Especially those special occasions you totally forget about until the last minute and need an outfit for ASAP.

Here are a few ideas for where this look would work: graduation ceremony, holiday work party, bridal shower, wedding, rehearsal dinner, and a formal birthday dinner. Continue Reading

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The No-Stress Black Dress : What to Wear While Getting Back in Shape

One of the biggest challenges of getting back in shape is what to wear while your body is still a “work in progress”.

First, you’re scrambling to work with whatever you have in your closet because you don’t want to invest in any new clothing until you reach your fitness goals. This isn’t just because you’re waiting to treat yourself, it’s because you never know what’s going to work best for your new body. Maybe you leaned out overall but added extra booty or thigh muscles. I tend to get lumpy, Lol. #RealTalk

Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably feel unready to wear anything form fitting. If you’ve got the confidence to rock a bodycon dress right now, go for it! I just don’t feel comfortable highlighting my trouble areas.

So what fierce date night outfit options are there for a girl in my current situation? Continue Reading

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Fall Date Night: Leather Jacket + Maxi Dress


I love how sexy but classy this maxi sweater dress is!

It’s also a great basic that can be styled a few different ways. You can add a chunky knit sweater over it, a utility vest, or even an edgy leather jacket, like I did.

If you’re shorter, like me, I would recommend adding heels to help you achieve a longer silhouette.

Another quick tip for wearing a form fitting dress like this one, choose the right undergarments! A smooth bra and shapewear can make a world of difference! Shapewear isn’t just for looking slimmer, it’s great for smoothing out panty lines and and preventing colors (bright red undies) from peeking through.

Continue Reading

Dressy Outfits Fashion Style

Test the Trend: Lingerie Dressing in Real Life!


What’s this? A new series? Yep!

Do you live and die by trends?! No? Me either, Lol. But I do love getting a seasonal dose of style inspiration. When you think of trends as fresh inspo instead of mandatory rules they become a lot more fun.

In this new series, I’m going to test out the style trends and show you what they look like in real life. I’ll do my best to make the trend work but let’s be honest, some trends are a total bust and that’s kind of why it’ll be so much fun to test them out! Continue Reading