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Broke Babe: How to get Yes, Please By Amy Poehler for Free!

Yes please Amy PoehlerI hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day!

I’ve been contemplating starting a variety of series on the blog but I really want to provide you guys with info you can actually use or at least be entertained by. So I came to the conclusion that the best way to find out what you like is to share a bunch of things and see what gets a positive response.

And now on to the good stuff. Here’s how to get the new Amy Poehler book for free!

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Movies & Books

Into the Woods: Movie Review


It’s a tad past midnight and I’m writing this review while hopped up on 3 shots of expresso, thanks Starbucks.

I was finally able to catch a showing of Into the Woods tonight. I’m not a big fan of musicals but I went in with a somewhat open mind & was thoroughly prepared for 2hours of conversations that would be unnecessarily sung.

For awhile, I enjoyed the strange look of this new fairytale world and even laughed at some cheesy jokes. But then it happened.

About two thirds of the way in the movie decided to take a crap on itself. Lol.

*Major spoiler alert

Almost everyone dies while a Willy Wonka sounding tune is sung.

Okay, not everyone dies but there are a few unexpected deaths which entirely change the tone. And that happily ever after fairytale ending we’ve grown accustomed to is traded in for something darker and unsettling.

C’mon disney, if we can’t turn to you for an overly sugar coated ending full of rainbows… than where do we go?!

To make it worse, I honestly can’t tell you with certainty what the main message/lesson was. Maybe… Be careful what you wish for? Or, don’t marry a prince because he’ll cheat on you with someone’s wife…?

My final verdict is, instead of wasting $25 to go see this movie with a friend, pop in a classic disney DVD like Hercules or The Little Mermaid, because neither will rob you of your inner joy or optimistic outlook on the world.

You’re welcome in advance.


Movies & Books

The Shining

the shining posterGuess what I saw for the first time ever…The Shining! I know I’m a little super late to the game but you’d be surprised at how many well-known classics I’ve never seen. Growing up, my parents liked to give those ‘straight to dvd’ type of movies a chance to redeem themselves in our living room. But now, it is time to see what I’ve been missing!  Continue Reading