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MUST EAT: Pine State Biscuits – Portland, Oregon


Pine State Biscuits was recommended to me by a couple of people (including my new foodie blogger friend!) and it popped up several times while I was researching places to eat in Portland.

Rumor has it that the line is usually hours long but it only took us a few minutes to reach the counter. We also chose one of the locations outside of downtown (don’t worry, it’s still highly rated!). Continue Reading


Weekend Travel: Beautiful Monterey County

seaweed-beach-tripIf you’re ready to plan your next trip, you should be looking into Monterey County! Well, only consider it if you’re into beautiful scenery, delicious food, and heaven on Earth. I’m so dramatic…. But seriously, it’s pretty amazing.

Will and I took a drive up the coast to Big Sur a few years ago and it’s one of my happiest memories. We even vlogged it just for fun! Check it out: Continue Reading

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You Have Never Seen This Side of Las Vegas!


Las Vegas can be so much fun! There are a trillion shows, restaurants, shops and plenty of other fun activities to enjoy on the strip.

There are also a lot of clubs for you to shake your butt in! Lol. Aside from the occasional birthday celebration or bachelorette party, you’d be hard pressed to find me at a club. Sure, they can be fun every once in a long while but …they’re not really my scene. #IntrovertProblems

So what’s a girl like me to do while in sin city? Hike! Continue Reading