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How to be Single: Date Night Movie Review


Overall Rating: 90% A-
Production Quality: 10/10
Entertainment Factor: 10/10
Good Date Night Movie: Yes, if it’s your turn to pick the movie. This is definitely a chick flick but it’s funny enough to keep your husband from hating his life while watching it.

One Line Synopsis: Newly formed BFFLers embrace attempt to embrace the single life.

The Love, Niki Low-Down: This movie was such a pleasant surprise! I was expecting it be kinda…well….dumb & cliché.

But guess what, it was entertaining, insightful, and a lot of fun to watch. Although, it did feel a tad long in the middle. Thankfully, it did a great job of pulling itself back together before ending on a strong note.

If you’re in the mood to laugh but want a movie with some heart, spunk, and well crafted storyline, How to be Single is a great choice.

All that said, this is no family friends movie….just fyi.

I’ll be back with a new date night movie review next week! Have a wonderful weekend!

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