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How to Keep Your Casual Outfit from Looking Sloppy

As much as I love to get glammed up for special occasions, most of my days are spent in casual, relaxed clothes. And I love it! There’s something about a casual outfit and comfy shoes that make me feel so much more adventurous. Probably because I can move around more freely (heels are not adventure shoes)!

So what’s not to like about the casual fashion? Well, for starters, it can be a slippery slope that takes your style from laid back to sloppy. But don’t worry, as the queen of casual, I have made all the mistakes there are to make and I have a few tips to help you enjoy the best of both worlds, comfy and chic!


We all love a good ol’ baggy sweater or an oversized t-shirt but when you pair them with loose fitting bottoms, like linen pants or a flowy maxi skirt, your entire look becomes one big blob a.k.a. me on Sunday mornings.

The first way to fix this is to swap out either your top or bottom for something with more shape. Skinny jeans and baggy sweaters are my go-to combo in the fall.

BUT – you can also keep your flowy bottoms! Adding a simple front tuck, a belt, or by choosing loose pieces that are well tailored, you’ll be able to give your flowy look some structure and shape.


There’s a thin line between casual dressing and being straight up lazy. If you’re going to wear soft stretchy tights….does it really matter if your shirt is full of wrinkles?

Yes! It matters!

Guys, I’m so guilty of doing this. (confession: I rarely ironed or steamed anything before the age of 24. My family was never big on ironing so it wasn’t until I spent more time with my husband that I started to de-wrinkle my clothes! Did I really just confess that to the internet?)

No matter how you slice it, wrinkles (and lint) make you look sloppy. Unless you’re planning to relax at home all day, you’re going to need to pull out the steamer and lint roller.


I’m a natural makeup girl who likes to rock the occasional bold lip so this tip has nothing to with adding super glam makeup to your casual look.

In fact, just taking the time to do your normal everyday makeup and hair will help you look polished and put together even if you’re wearing relaxed clothing.


A silk blouse (like mine) might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of comfy, cozy, or casual but it can be all of those things!

The next time you’re putting an outfit together, think about how some of your dressier pieces feel when you wear them. Do you have a smooth silk blouse that you can pair with your stretchy jeans? What about a soft little black dress that you can throw a cozy knit cardigan over?

Re-evaluating your fancy frocks is a great way to discover which of your dressier pieces can be styled into a casual ensemble.

I hope you found this post helpful! I honestly believe that Fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel your best so if any of these guidelines don’t work for you, throw them out the window and do you boo!

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