Outfit: White Denim Jacket

March 18, 2014

Casual Black PantsMy journey through style limbo continues. Lol. Comfort is always important to me but right now I’m missing the girly-ness.

I think I’ll be experimenting with more skirts, cute dresses, color & sparkle in the coming weeks.ย I’m a girly girl at heart so I want to get back to that a little bit while not going overboard. I don’t want to look like a puffy glittering cupcake. Lol

White Denim JacketDo you ever have a hard time getting your different style personalities to agree on an outfit? And doesn’t it get tricky when your wardrobe is full of things that aren’t really your style anymore? It’s not like you can just toss it all away and pick out a brand new set of clothes! Lol



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  • Lubka Christova

    Your white denim jacket is so pretty! I’ve got a white denim blazer which I include in an outfit for next Monday :)


  • Dogmama

    I really luuuuv that white denim jacket! It’s just the right blend of texture and Brightness–To make ANY look just a bit more EYE CATCHING

  • Sarah Forshaw

    You are quite seriously one of the cutest most stylish bloggers there is!

  • karen

    What kind of shoes are those?

    • Niki

      Hi karen :)

      They’re perforated lace up sneakers from