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REVIEW: NYX Dew Me Up Serum & Primer

We’ve all seen products with “actual gold flakes” in them and I’ll be honest, my initial response is awe and wonder. My second response is, does it even work?! Does gold belong in beauty products?!

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts and impression of the NYX  serum & primer Honey Dew Me Up (with gold flecks)!  Continue Reading


I dyed My Hair Lavender and This Is What happened!

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I’ve been unbelievably indecisive with my hair lately. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my inner restlessness.

I’ve been having quite the inner monologue when it comes this blog. It’s been my main hobby for over 4 years but I feel the need for a change. I just don’t know in what way yet. It might be this lack of clarity that led me down an interesting road with my hair. Let me give you the back story….  Continue Reading


Rocksbox Review: Should You Join?

review-rocksbox-jewelryBy now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with Rocksbox the premium jewelry subscription.

It’s a $19 dollar monthly subscription service that gives you access to designer jewelry. 3 pieces at a time, with no time limit.

But is it worth? Or are you better off buying your own sparkling accessories? Continue Reading