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Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt #TasteOff

the best greek yogurtYoplait Taste Off yoplait vs chobaniI want to thank Yoplait for sponsoring this taste-off and allowing me to share my honest opinion! Behind me in the first photo you’ll see a few of my bikinis a.k.a. my motivation for hunting down healthy and delicious snacks. In my fridge you’ll typically find a few Chobani yogurts. They taste great and they’re affordable but I hadn’t tried the new 100 calorie simply Chobani. I was inclined to believe that when it came to the taste test, Yoplait was going to lose. I tied on my blindfold and let my boyfriend decide which greek yogurt would go first. After just one spoonful of each, it was easy to decide which one tasted the best. The winner of the taste-off was…. YOPLAIT GREEK 100!!! Yoplait tastes fruitier, sweeter, and a lot smoother than Chobani. But, it has been brought to my attention that Yoplait has more sugar and less protein than Chobani. All things considered, both of these make great snacks and Yoplait Greek 100 does taste better which makes eating healthy a lot easier. Now it’s your turn! Let me know which greek yogurt won your taste off! Click Here to learn more!