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The Weekend Vlog

WeekendVlogThumbnailHi guys!

So life has been as crazy as always but I managed to vlog last weekend and I thought you might like to check it out!

I’ve got a lot of posts currently “under construction” so don’t worry, there’s a lot of great stuff heading your way in the very near future!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very blessed Easter!

*Link to Vlog ( CLICK ME!)*


Quote of the Day

Live Your Life: Quote of the Day

quoteHappy Friday eve!

I’ve been a little behind on my posting schedule! I love writing and sharing my life with all of my lovely readers but this past week has been INSANE a.k.a. life of a bride-to-be. Lately I’ve only had about 2 hours a day of personal time and I have to fit everything into that chunk of time(i.e. workouts, laundry, showers, wedding planning, eating, cooking, reading, writing).

Although I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular posting schedule, I just wanted to say that sometimes it’s nice to just… live. To experience each moment, to soak in your environment, and to forget about the digital world.

How often do you disconnect from your online life? Have you ever considered getting rid of your social media accounts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I have some super fun posts coming to the blog next week so be sure to stop by!

Wife Advice

ADVICE FROM A WIFE: Melisa from Pie N’ the Sky

Melisa Wedding

Hello there!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks on my end but I’m excited to get back to this awesome advice series. I love reading the responses of such sweet, honest, and insightful women.

Today’s interview is with Melisa from Pie N’ the Sky. Melisa and I worked on the same campaign awhile back and I have been visiting her blog ever since! Be sure to stop by and check out here blog whenever you have a chance! Continue Reading


Blog Announcement

Blog AnnouncementI finally feel like I’m on the right track.

I’ve been struggling with what direction to take the blog for some time now. I’ve been testing out a variety of topics in an attempt to find something that I felt truly excited about, something that inspired me so much that I would be able to inspire others with it. Continue Reading