Strapless White Dress

Long hair curled strapless white dress Strappy heels and white dress Clock towerHappy Monday! And hello to all my new bloglovin subscribers!

Friday I was featured on Lauren Conrad’s website and I’ve been smiling all weekend because of it. I’m excited to meet and chat with all the new visitors that stumbled onto my little blog. Please feel free to leave me your blog link in the comment section so I can stop by!

Today’s outfit, believe it or not, is another clearance find! Express has definitely impressed me with the cute pieces they have on sale. Next season I plan to hit the clearance sale early. I missed out on quite a bit because I went into the store towards the end of it.

I think this outfit is perfect for almost any warm weather special occasion. I’ve included a few links below if you’d like to try this look out yourself.


$36 from Lulu’s

$26.99 from Charlotte Russe

$37.47 from New York & Company




After Christmas Sale

After Christmas Sale


Bra| Lace-Up Boots| Denim Top| Black Boots| Amor Sweatshirt| Satchel| Pajama Set| Tassle Clutch| Boys Top

OMG… a sale that’s actually a sale! Lol. Don’t you hate it when businesses say they have great deals and then you go in to shop and realize how expensive everything still is?

I stopped by H&M’s site and could barely believe how affordable things were. And it’s cute stuff! They didn’t just slap a sale sticker on the ugly things nobody wants.

Be sure to stop by ASAP because everything seems to be selling really quickly! And let me know which sale item above is your favorite!



Casual Outfit & Errands

Casual OOTDThis post is not about age. Although the wall behind me would have you believe otherwise. Lol.

Will snapped this shot as we were running around yesterday and picking up our last few Christmas gifts. I try to be as practical as I can be when it comes to dressing for a day full of errands. I LOVE comfy shoes. Flats, sneakers, flip flops, boots….they bring joy to my feet. Lol.

Heels are sexy & cool and what girl doesn’t like to rock a pair for a special occasion or date but I’m undoubtedly happiest when my feet don’t hurt.

How are you guys doing out there? Christmas shopping almost done? And do you ever wear heels while running errands?

Gift Ideas for Her: Fitness Babe

Gift Ideas for her1|2|3|4|5|6 light|6 dark

Only 15 days left until Christmas! The holidays came so quickly this year. I know it can be tricky thinking of awesome gift ideas for everyone but fitness gear is a great option.

Getting in shape will be at the top of everyone’s resolution list for 2014. Plus, you can never have enough workout clothing or accessories! Think about it, it only takes one tough & sweaty workout to dirty your outfit so the more pieces you have, the less you’ll have to load up the washing machine each week!

Happy Shopping!



Anthropologie Love

Anthropologie AccessoriesAnthropologie has become one of my favorite stores. It’s definitely a tad more expensive but it’s tough not to fall in love with everything they sell. These hair accessories are cute, classic and glamourous all rolled into one.

Which one is your favorite?

New Shop Open!

I am so happy to share my new online boutique with you!


Online boutique

I’ve been wanting to open up an online shop for awhile and I get super tingly at the thought of finally having it all set up. Take a look and let me know what you think!  Is there anything you’re hopping to see added to the shop soon?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts <3

Online Boutique!



Guess what?! I’ll be opening an online shop full of pieces I know you will love! I’m incredibly excited :) Stay tuned for more info this Friday!

Lots and lots of love,


OOTD: Factory Worker

casual outfitMy hotel room was hit at 2a.m. this morning. In the downpour of bullets I was only to grab one of my bags before escaping through the fire escape. Luckily, I made it out alive but I’ve got very few weapons and ammunition. Not to mention that there are only a few things in my bag to build a disguise with.

I’m going to enter the factory at midday while everyone is at lunch. This is the only time the guards place their guns back in their holsters. They’re plump men who like to use both hands to devour their meals.

OOTd vest


ootd factory

trouble maker

ootd disguiseAeropostale Vest: Here|White Button-Up: Similar|Faux Leather Pants: Similar



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