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Experiment with Your Style in 2014

At 25, I’m working to better define my style but learning and growing come with both triumphs and failures. The fun style video above is just a reminder that fashion should be fun and it’s okay to experiment with different looks, even if you decide later on that it’s not something you want to stick with.

Mexican Food

Oh so lovely readers,

I need to warn you. Things will be getting a little …random….around here. Lol But it’ll be fun! Sometimes you have to just stop over-thinking everything and just do what you feel! You know what I mean? So I’m going to let my creative, random, adventure seeking self take over and just go with the flow.

And lucky for me, my boyfriend is coming along for the ride ;)

So what randomness do we have for you today? Well, check out our dramatic cooking trailer above to find out!

Lots of love,


Spring Lookbook!

Since you’ll be seeing me rock the same pair of jean shorts I’ll week I had to give you guys a little something extra! Check out my latest youtube video on LoveNiki TV and be sure to subscribe!!  Youtube.com/MsLoveNiki

Fashion Tales Ep. 1

I’m working to add a creative fashion element to the blog. I love the idea of using fashion in an imaginative way. There are lots of fantasy fashion ideas and creative concepts that I want to share with you! Subscribe to my youtube channel youtube.com/LoveNikiTV so you don’t miss out on any videos!

If you liked the song in the video be sure to check out their album!

Artist: Rise and Fall of an Empire
Album: In the Hands of an Angry God
Song: Nightmares During the Day
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OOTD: Casual Shore Day

I attended the most beautiful beach wedding ever. I owe you photos! The drive itself up to Pismo beach was gorgeous. If you’re an LA local looking to get away and don’t mind a 4hr road trip, head to Pismo! I decided to wear something comfy and cute for the ride home. I’m wearing a Joie blouse, jeans from Ross $12, and Toms $44