Wifey Style: Cute & Playful Winter Look

Cute Black SweaterHappy Friday!

I just wanted to share something fun. I’ve wrestled a lot with my thoughts on what is and isn’t appropriate for me to wear in this new stage of my life. Although there are some things I definitely want to avoid, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with wanting to be “sexy”.

There’s a time and place for it but just because you’re becoming a wife or getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to trade in your va-va-voom for mom jeans and turtlenecks.

I love to spice up my look from time to time. It’s fun! I also have an amazing fiance who is confident and secure in himself. He knows that he’s the only man I think of when I throw on my heels and a sexy little dress.

What are you thoughts on appropriate wifey attire? Is there anything you think is completely not okay to wear as you get older?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



Winter Boots for Spring & Summer

Spring Boots




OutfitIdeaSpringJoie Leather Jacket: Affordable + Similar| H.I.P. Tank Top: Similar| Forever 21 Tweed High Waisted Shorts: Similar| Charlotte Russe Booties: Similar

I get to go shopping Sunday! It’s been a while since I last did some serious shopping. I’m definitely going to be hunting down deals to get the most bang for my buck. That’s sort of what inspired today’s post. I wish every season meant a brand new wardrobe but the reality of it is that, I have to find ways to rock seasonal stuff all year round. It allows you to have more outfit options no matter what time of year it is.

Major props to my mom for playing my photographer this morning! I think she did a great job. And yes, these shots would have been extra cool if I drove a Lambo or something but I don’t. Lol. I drive an ’98 honda civic and I love it! It’s the first and only car I’ve ever owned :)



Little Cross Sweater

IMG_0073 IMG_0086 IMG_0098 IMG_0113Top: F21 Blue Cross Sweater & F21 Sequin Collar Button Up Jeans: Ross Shoes: Steve Madden Flats (Similar)

I am so happy I bought a sequin collar shirt from F21. It adds a pop of glamour to both of my new sweaters and I can wear it alone. Definitely well worth the $18 I spent on it.

This cross sweater is the first of its kind in my wardrobe. I think the cross trend is really cute with just the right hint of edginess. I hope to add more pieces to my collection soon. Do you guys like the trend? I also love that this outfit looks chic but feels really comfy. Major win! What’s your most comfy but chic outfit?