Stone Bathroom Inspiration

We recently started our registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, and when we got to the bathroom section we were a little unsure about “the look” we were going for. Initially I gravitated toward the shimmery mosaic tooth brush holders and frilly curtains but Will was, justifiably, not excited about the thought of a sparkly and feminine bathroom. Lol.

After circling a few times, Will showed me the natural stone section. At first, I though it looked a little too masculine. But I started to see it. I imagined a bathroom inspired by an expensive spa. Clean, natural, and relaxing. Add a few candles, some fresh flowers and it’s perfect. I found a few images on pinterest that capture our vision pretty well :)

What do you think? Is this the kind of bathroom you’d imagine in your house?


Live Your Life: Quote of the Day

quoteHappy Friday eve!

I’ve been a little behind on my posting schedule! I love writing and sharing my life with all of my lovely readers but this past week has been INSANE a.k.a. life of a bride-to-be. Lately I’ve only had about 2 hours a day of personal time and I have to fit everything into that chunk of time(i.e. workouts, laundry, showers, wedding planning, eating, cooking, reading, writing).

Although I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular posting schedule, I just wanted to say that sometimes it’s nice to just… live. To experience each moment, to soak in your environment, and to forget about the digital world.

How often do you disconnect from your online life? Have you ever considered getting rid of your social media accounts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I have some super fun posts coming to the blog next week so be sure to stop by!

5 Must-Try Products for 2015: BEAUTY AWARDS

Today I’m giving out beauty awards to my top 5 favorite beauty products of 2014. I took several thing into considerations when choosing my favorites. Cost, quality, and ease of use all played a role in my decision as did overall satisfaction with each product.

It’s always fun to try something different in the new year but I didn’t want you to waste your money on crummy products!


brow kit billion dollar brow


COST: $34.99

REASON: I’m honestly the worst at eyebrows. I always go to dark or end up turning them into strange shapes. So when I got to try the Billion Dollar Brows Kit this year, I was nervous. A brush is only as good as the artist right?

One of the most amazing things about this kit is the magical little pen. It is formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colors. It creates more of a natural shadow that makes it really easy to fill in your brows without going overboard.

The kit also comes with a concealer/highlighter duo pen, blending brush, and brow gel. And they all work really well!


Rimmel London Moisture Renew


COST: $5.47

REASON: You can easily spend as much as $25 on a fancy-pants lipstick, but Rimmel London has created a line of moist, color-rich lipsticks for an amazing price. I also really liked the color options they have. I tried several shades and was really happy with how they all looked.


Maybelline Blush



COST: $7.94

REASON: Technically the shade I use is a bronzer (#06 Deep Bronze) but the red tones allow it to double as a blush. You’ll get a nice little glow and a hint of color on your face and cheeks. The final result is a natural looking healthy flush that last all day!


products of the year herbal-essences-dry-shampoo


COST: $4.99

REASON: It feels so good! I try not to wash my hair daily because it drys out but then I have oily roots to deal with. What I really love about this dry shampoo is how clean it makes your scalp feel. It’s the closet to “shower fresh” as you can get without actually showering.


triple moisture benefit


COST: $32

REASON: Not only does this product moisturize your skin, it also protects it (spf), and is a great foundation primer. Its ability to help control oil allows your makeup to last longer and prevents your face from getting super shiny. It might seem a little pricey at $32, but it’s a quality product and it’ll last you awhile.

Thank you 2014 for all these awesome beauty products. I’m excited to see what new things I’ll discover this year!

Did I miss any amazing products? Let me know in the comments if there’s something I should try!


Cute Pajama Sets for Less Than $15!

For everyone out there with a Christmas gift card or two left to spend, I strongly suggest picking up a pair of pajamas!

I’ve spent the last two chilly weeks wishing I had invested in more warm & comfy jammies! I usually put sleepwear on the bottom of my shopping list because… well, who sees you in your pajamas? No one!

But you know what? Not having a good selection of PJ’s is a bummer. I find it harder to unwind without them. And it’s not really true that no one sees us at bedtime. Your husband will see you! And although I’m sure he loves you unconditionally, would it kill you to wear a clean, matching set of pajamas to bed? For him? Lol.

And when you actually have dedicated sleepwear you won’t have to scramble around for 15 minutes before bed looking through drawers for something to sleep in.

Thankfully I was gifted a super cute PJ set this holiday season! Slowly but surely I hope to build a complete “sleep wardrobe”.

If you started realizing midway through this post that you too are in need of something cozy to sleep in, don’t worry. Not only do you not have to go far, you also don’t have to spend more than $15. Thank goodness for Target!

You can find all these sets by browsing the color tabs HERE and HERE

Target Pajamas

pajama sets from target

Into the Woods: Movie Review


It’s a tad past midnight and I’m writing this review while hopped up on 3 shots of expresso, thanks Starbucks.

I was finally able to catch a showing of Into the Woods tonight. I’m not a big fan of musicals but I went in with a somewhat open mind & was thoroughly prepared for 2hours of conversations that would be unnecessarily sung.

For awhile, I enjoyed the strange look of this new fairytale world and even laughed at some cheesy jokes. But then it happened.

About two thirds of the way in the movie decided to take a crap on itself. Lol.

*Major spoiler alert

Almost everyone dies while a Willy Wonka sounding tune is sung.

Okay, not everyone dies but there are a few unexpected deaths which entirely change the tone. And that happily ever after fairytale ending we’ve grown accustomed to is traded in for something darker and unsettling.

C’mon disney, if we can’t turn to you for an overly sugar coated ending full of rainbows… than where do we go?!

To make it worse, I honestly can’t tell you with certainty what the main message/lesson was. Maybe… Be careful what you wish for? Or, don’t marry a prince because he’ll cheat on you with someone’s wife…?

My final verdict is, instead of wasting $25 to go see this movie with a friend, pop in a classic disney DVD like Hercules or The Little Mermaid, because neither will rob you of your inner joy or optimistic outlook on the world.

You’re welcome in advance.


How to Cook Stuffed Mushrooms

If you’re looking for a fun & simple recipe to cook with a dash of inappropriate humor… this is the video for you! Cooking together is also a great date night idea.

Will is a great cook but I on the other hand, am only good at eating, Lol. It’s time for me to learn a few recipes before we move out, and who better to teach me than my future husband?!

If you want to see us cook something else or would like to suggest a different type of video, let us know in the comment section! Getting requests is awesome because than we can create exactly what you’re looking for!

Happy Friday!

Inspired by Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria secret fashion inspired

Omg, it’s only Tuesday! Sigh… it’s already been a long week. Lol.

Tonight the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is on and although I’d love to see it, it starts too late for this 26 years old grandma. Work is super busy this week so I need every minute of sleep I can get. I don’t usually fall asleep early but around 10 I start winding down with a hot shower and tea, sometimes I’ll pick up a book or if I’m lucky, I’ll cuddle up with Will and chat until I drift to sleep.

So even though I’ll likely be under the covers while the sexy, lingerie clad angels hit the runway tonight, I wanted to share in the fun!

Only 3 days left until the weekend, hang in there everyone!

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