Make Delicious Iced Coffee at Home!

Gevalia-iced-coffee-with-almond-milk“I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Gevalia Iced Coffee with Almond Milk. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up to delicious iced coffee everyday and sip it on your way to work? Heck, why even go into work? You could just relax on your yacht and work on your tan.

I can make that happen. Well, at least the first part! Lol. Usually Will and I only get to enjoy iced coffee during  the weekend.

This happens for two reason 1) I barely have time to comb my hair in the morning, let alone make iced coffee before work and 2) I don’t even know how to make it! Seriously, is it just regular coffee over ice? Is there a magic java genie I need to summon?

gevalia-iced-coffee-pour gevalia-iced-coffeeDrinking-coffeeJava genie…pppffft…I’m so dramatic! You can probably just google an iced coffee recipe but you’ll still need to spend time actually making it and the dilemma of hair brushing vs. caffeine fix will still occur every morning before work. So what’s the easiest way to enjoy a chilled glass of coffee in the a.m.? Gevalia!

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Double Strap Sandals for Less

When it comes to the goodies in my closet, I am not ashamed to say that I buy the affordable version of the trends I like! It can also be fun to go on a style hunt and find the best priced version of what you want.

For me, the truth is that my budget only allows me to indulge in trends that exist for a reasonable price. I still try to pick quality products, and yes, occasionally I’ll spend a little more on an item but I try to avoid paying more for something just because of the name on it.

Not a lot of people seem to talk about buying off-brand items. I think sometimes it can be hard to admit that your budget is tight and you spending is limited, especially if you’re a blogger, but that’s real life and I encourage you to embrace it! Style doesn’t not have a minimum price tag.

Recently, I’ve been itching to try the cool Birkenstock sandal look so I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable version of these super cool slide-ons! And guess what, I’ve found the look for less! For $15 dollars I bought a pair of cute Faded Glory double strap sandals from Walmart and they capture that casual yet chic sandal vibe I love so much! Unfortunately, the sandals I got aren’t available online. Don’t worry, I also found a similar pair at Target so you can get your own pair for a great price. Here’s the link to the Target Mossimo Brand Sandals.

I’d really love to hear from you out there reading this! Are you on a budget and enjoy reading posts that feature items you can afford? Or are a big fan of designer items? Let me know in the comments!

Floral Skirt Outfit + Tea Date

two-a-tea-glendora-village cute-girly-outfit

Hello beautiful readers!

I’m so happy to be sharing an outfit post today. I love sharing outfit inspiration and chatting about style with you. My goal is to get back doing this more because I want the blog to be more focused so that you know exactly what to expect and you can find the info you need!

I’ll continue to sprinkle in lifestyle posts (cooking, wedding, travel, etc.) just to keep things fresh and fun but you’ll definitely notice Love, Niki returning to it’s style blogging roots! I’m pretty thrilled about and I think you’re going to love it!

So after all that, lets chat about today’s outfit.

My super sweet fiancé had invited me out for a tea date so the goal was to create a soft girly look that was still capable of withstanding the 90 degree day So Cal was experiencing.

Typically I try to avoid skirts that accentuate little waists because I have a big waist. My body just doesn’t curve in at the middle. But because I do have a couple of cute “waist” skirts in my wardrobe, I wanted to see what I could do to make one work.

I decided to add a flowy blouse to this pretty floral skirt. The puffy part of the blouse sits right above the tight elastic band of the skirt which helps create the illusion of  smaller waist.

The tea date was amazing. The food was delicious, the tea was flavorful, and my fiancé was the perfect person to share this experience with. There’s no denying that I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

girly-outfit scones-tea tea-party park-bench-flowers Blue Floral SkirtI hope you had a wonderful weekend! Did you check out any cool restaurants or eateries with your family for Father’s day?

Tty soon <3



P.A.N. Cornmeal Food Explorer: Lobster Pizza

pizza recipe, food, cooking,cornmealI participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for P.A.N. Cornmeal. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I’m excited to share a delicious P.A.N. Cornmeal recipe with you today! I hope it inspires you to get into the kitchen and experiment with this Venezuelan pantry staple.

It’s always fun to explore culturally new ingredients, especially when you know that it’s an ingredient that is popular all over the globe.

I’m a major foodie so I get tingly when I think about tasting a dish for the first time. And after checking out the P.A.N. cornmeal site (HERE) I realized that there are about a million drool inducing recipes that feature cornmeal!


The first thing that is probably coming to mind for you is cornbread, Lol. Yes, you use cornmeal to make corn bread but this is a very versatile ingredient.

My fiancé (the master chef in our relationship) helped me come up with the perfect recipe for introducing you to P.A.N Cornmeal. We chatted about it and we wanted to do something familiar enough to not completely throw you for a loop but also make it unique enough to make you want to jump into the kitchen. So without any further adieu…say hello to this the fun and tasty Lobster Pizza recipe!

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A Father’s Day Gift Idea: Wood Watches!

Fathers-day-giftTech-girl*I was gifted with a JORD Wood Watch for review purposes*

This watch is made of wood! How cool is that?!

I always get excited when I see a new take on something classic. It sort of like the first time someone serves you soup inside of a pumpkin or squash. You’re surprised, delighted, and a little bewildered.

You mean this whole time I could have turned a basic ingredient into a serving dish?! Cue the twilight zone music.

That’s how I felt when JORD wood watches first contacted me. A wood watch you say, huh? Well I guess that could be kind of….**opens site**… gimme gimme gimme!

As soon as my watch arrived, and I should mention that it arrived perfectly sized because JORD offers complimentary sizing with your purchase (score!), I had to show it to my dad. He’s an Electrician/Carpenter and has a soft spot for intricate wood-working.

He totally drooled over it! And the funny thing is, he’s not even super into watches. I guess that makes sense when you get up before the sun for work, you probably don’t want to know what time is.

Even though I was the one testing out the wood watch, I instantly knew what a great gift it would make for a Dad. It’s masculine, unique, and it’s pretty impressive. That’s not to say it’s not also a great watch for a female, because it is. I absolutely love it. I just know that a lot of us are currently focused on Father’s Day shopping.

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your dad, I suggest you check out JORD Wood Watches.

No matter what you decide to get your pops this year, the most important thing is to appreciate the time you have with him. Not everyone will get t hug their dad this Father’s Day so be sure to hug yours!
Wood-watches wood-watch

Watches Made From Wood

Top 5 Engagement Photo Shoot Tips: Bryan Arce Photography


Today’s post features the work of a talented young photographer by the name of Bryan Arce. We had a lot of fun shooting our save the date photos with him. He was professional, easy to talk to, and you can tell that he loves what he does! And I might sound like an old grandma when I say this, but I get really excited when I see young adults on the right path. It’s easy to lose your way these day so major Kudos to you Mr. Arce!

I asked Bryan to share his thoughts and top 5 tips for engagement photos so keep reading to find out what he had to say. You’ll also find all of his contact info and a link to the rest of our photo session, at the bottom of the post.



The Engagement Photo Shoot: The engagement session is very important for a couple who is taking the next step into marriage. As a couple who likely has never been professionally photographed before, the engagement session is a valuable tool every couple should utilize or insist upon. It is the first time you get to meet your wedding photographer and begin build a relationship with him/her. This is helpful because on the day of your wedding you will be familiar and more comfortable in front of the camera!

Top 5 Tips:

1. HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Although you can get away with doing your hair and make-up yourself, I always suggest doing your hair and makeup done professionally. It’ll makes a difference.

2. OUFIT SELECTION: Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Match, but don’t match completely. (Matchy Twins = No Wins)

3. LOCATION: Choose a location that has a meaning to you as a couple. Maybe you met at a particular location or have a special place that you like to go together.

4. APPOINTMENT TIME: Photography is all about having great light. I always schedule my engagement sessions about an hour to an hour and a half before the sun sets.  That way you get that amazing afternoon light, an awesome sunset shot, and some night shots as well. Scheduling it too early means you don’t get the changes in light and your entire engagement session looks like one long shoot.  Whereas doing it near sunset you get two or three different looks as far as light goes.

5. TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: This is the MOST important one! Treat your engagement session like a little date, relax and enjoy the time spent together. It’s totally okay to be nervous… don’t try to hide it, laugh it out!


Our Complete Photo Session: Will & Niki


Facebook: Bryan Arce Page

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Is Opening at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hello fellow wizards and witches!

I’m excited to announce that the muggles are finally making room for us! In Spring 2016, Universal Studios Hollywood will unveil it’s highly anticipated Wizarding World!

You’ll be able to dine at The Three Broomsticks and Hog’s Head Pub. We can toast with glasses filled to the rim with Butterbeer before heading to the Hogwarts castle!

It’s as perfect as it sounds.

Will and I are going down to Florida this year so we’ll be able to report back on the original Wizarding park in Orlando and once we visit the the one here, I’ll be sure to write a comparison.

Are you excited to visit the new park?! Tell me, please please tell me, that I have a few Harry Potter fans out there!

Cute Weekend Bags for Under $40!

affordable Weekend BagWeekend getaways are a great way to de-stress. It’s all the fun of a vacation without the 2-week price tag.

As we get closer to the summer months, I know a few of you will set out to enjoy a well deserved two day break so I wanted to share a couple of cute bags that are the perfect size (and price) for your mini vacay.

Also, for all of us sticking around town, these bags are awesome for tackling a work weekend. On blog photo shoot days I typically pack a bag this size with: A few outfits, camera cards, something to keep me warm at night, deodorant, ponytails, etc.

I’m curious to see which bag is your favorite, let me know in the comments!

1. Chevron Printed Weekender Bag

2. Navy & White Striped Weekender Bag

3. Floral Print Weekender Bag

4. Coral Weekender Bag with Triangle Print

Broke Babe: How to get Yes, Please By Amy Poehler for Free!

Yes please Amy PoehlerI hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day!

I’ve been contemplating starting a variety of series on the blog but I really want to provide you guys with info you can actually use or at least be entertained by. So I came to the conclusion that the best way to find out what you like is to share a bunch of things and see what gets a positive response.

And now on to the good stuff. Here’s how to get the new Amy Poehler book for free!

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These are the Cutest Flamingos Ever!



I’m kinda sorta totally in love with Kate Spade’s new flamingo print! I don’t normally keep up with the latest designer lines but I saw this adorable little pink bird print in a web video starring Anna Kendrick.

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when I spotted a cute #MissAdventure video and was completely sucked in. 1. I adore Anna Kendrick, she’s like the skinnier, richer, more successful version of me. We’re both a little rough around the edges and kinda funny, Lol. 2) I’m an easy sell for cute novelty prints.

I personally can’t afford any of it but I can still appreciate the adorable design. So if you’re broke too, open a Kate Spade tab on your computer and lets be happily miserable together.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!